Simulation of progressive loss of sight over a period of 10 days. My experiment asks the following question; how can a self-portrait chronicle the progression of blindness? Here, I simulated vision loss by using eye contacts, dilation, foggy mirrors and a blindfold. Above is my 10 chronicle study, in which the study farthest left renders normal 20/20 vision and the study farthest right renders blind like 20/200 vision. Not only am I chronicling the progression of blindness but I am also chronicling the progression of skepticism and doubt. When my sense of vision was taken from me, I allowed my mind to trick me into thinking I was inept. To manage my perceived ineptness I drew with lighter pressure because it didn't obligate me to any fixed gesture and was easily erased. During this state of altered vision, I lost belief in myself/my work. I think a self-portrait can chronicle progressive blindness. For me, this work chronicled blindness and induced doubt in my art.